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I'm so very pleased (as in filled with pleasure) that you are taking the time to get to know me prior to our meeting. This is the sign of a true gentleman. As we will have countless hours to talk and get to know one another I'm not going to reveal too much but here's a start: My name is Fauna Rosehill. If you would like to know what i desire well, I would love nothing more then to playfully stimulate you in all possible ways while also weaving in a melodic excstatic escape into inventive desire fulfilled in another dimension of being.

Maybe your a little curious to go deeper and experience something exhilarating, mystical, intelligent, groovy, provocative and above all fun and stress relieving. Well then, look no further. Nymphish, Impish, and definitely mischievous, embracing the libidinous passion and wanton wildness of life and living freely in a iambic way as a protest to the monotony of modern life seems to be my calling. Within this realm- all sorts of magic can occur we we will embark on such an adventure together.

I am a coy and playful fairy. I am your youthful muse who looses myself in the way i can make you smile, purr and bring that special sunny joy only two lovers enmeshed in the heat of naughtiness can bring one other. Authentically, our adventures are my greatest delight. It may not be so obvious but you too are my muse.  Quite serious at times yet also completely cheerful, whimsical, and exploratory, with the ease of my sparkling little fingers - ill have you under my spell in no time, and your sighing reprieve and smile will be my token of this being the truth.

I am an avid and deeply obsessed artist (I focus on sculpture, fashion design, experimental theater and performance as well as noise music), writer and activist. My works in performance and installation or visual art being shown at local New York galleries  and internationally.  

 Because of my penchant as a young person to rebel as well as live life to it's fullest I am self taught and by no mean's succumbing to the rules of industry- My art is like me- wild, filled with story and magic and inciting the viewer to become a participant in the world created into reality by way of the Divine Feminine (and somehow talking about capitalism). In our meetings you will be the artist, the viewer and the performer along with me. I have a few stories to tell and love to tell them- I offer you entry into a universe that few ever gain for my world is the world of magic. Do you dare to let yourself become enchanted, bewitched? 

Beyond being an Enchanting Creative Force, I also love to discuss, inquire into and delve deeply within the world of politics, philosophy and theory of all kinds. I could be described as sapiosexual to some degree with the force to which i have the energy to discuss all kinds of manner of the world today and throughout history. If you are a scientist, please discuss what you may think is boring for one of my passtimes is studying nuerobiology. If you are in the business world- please tell me about the development of our economy today for, as a small business woman and also an anti-capitalist radical, the workings of the economy deeply intruge me. 

Your satisfaction and contentment are paramount to me in our time together and yes it is true- i am a hedonist. I can assure you that you will feel, from my laughter, and own sighs of delight that i am there with you throughout the whole experience.

The fluency of the language of pleasure of all kinds aids my studious pursuits into the realms of human sensation- profoundly viewing our time on planet earth to be a space in which we can experience the full spectrum of joy and desire. Influential are my my many teachers who find themselves tucked away in books, in nature, in museums and at the party.

I am an experienced provider and have a truly open mind and I love to explore realms of kink and BDSM. Judgement is not welcome in these parts both of ourselves and each other- I am truly entranced myself with the degree to which I am extraordinarily comfortable with myself, my sensuality and love to both give and receive as you will see.

I look forward to meeting you

Fauna Rosehill


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