An Array of Possible Experiences

A Glimpse, a Spark

Lets meet for drinks, for dinner or a waltz around a museum to see how our flirtations manifest together.

A Brief Enchantment

Meet me for an hour to indulge your fantasies and, if only for a moment, relieve the stress of your day to day world.

Becoming Familiar

 My preferred way to meet new cohorts in pleasure. Indulge with me, have time for tantalizing conversation and real connection.

2 hours $1000

Going Deeper

Time for a drink, maybe even a bit of dancing, conversation ( I am great at doing all of these) and a fantastic reprieve together.
3 hours- $1400

Lovers in the Night

 lets wake up to the world together. I'll make you tea with oranges and lul you into and out of sleep with my spells of seduction. 

overnight rates vary


Would you like a companion for your next trip? Lets escape the hectic nature of our modern lives together and truly encounter the mysteries of adventure, pleasure and creative, liberating wild yet relieving sensuality together. And drink some cocktails on the beach :)

vacation and FMTY rates vary 

Note on Kink, Fantasy and Rates

My considerations are tailored to specific encounters of exchanged intimacy and connection. If you would like to include different fantasy experiences please note that an added consideration is  requested/expected. Thank you


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