Ready to book an appointment with me? Please see the booking form below to start the process! Once we get to know one another, you will see that like other intensely creative and driven New Yorkers, I live a very dynamic and busy life filled with a manageably chaotic level of involvements in arts, organizing, work, school and social life. With this in mind, smoothness of communication and discretion is deeply appreciated, which my booking form make so much easier! Upon contacting me, please have screening information as well as payment information squared away so we can get into the magic and fun. Generally speaking, I am not available last minute though I sometimes am and post on my twitter or switter day of if so.  You are of course welcome to contact me to see if I am free but 24-48 hours notice is deeply appreciated and gives me time to thoughtfully contact you back. 


 My requirements for screening are 2 of the fallowing:

  • A picture of photo ID

  • The information of 2 past providers including social media profiles and a way to contact them.

  • A Link to LinkedIn Account or Other Business Page. 


  •  My Incall
    My incall space is located within a shared community art studio in an upscale loft in Bushwick easily available by transit. I require the utmost discretion upon arrival, and that you also keep an open mind to the space itself. If you are seeking out my particular companionship, you are likely already excited about a creative, unique and genuine experience with one of Brooklyn’s favorite underground artists. All over the space paintings are in process, there are scupltures and small installations for video art pieces as well as musical equipment and sewing projects set up. Its truly an experience unto itself! I am happy to show you whatever it is im working on that is in the space if we have time. Since it is a shared space, it is sometimes not available especially on short notice, so booking in advance is a must- along with screening (see above for requirements)

    Because of  covid related concerns and because of this spaces limited availability, I sometimes will rent upscale hotel rooms to use as incall spaces as well, which can be simpler for all parties involved! infact during this particular time it is what i prefer.

  • Outcalls: For outcall encounters, I require either a deposit or a uber/lyft to your location again, along with screening. I am happy to go out of town to see you  but have an extra donation and have a minimum of 2 hours for anywhere 2 or more hours outside of NYC.

    i do not discriminate against any clients due to race, gender, sexuality or disabilities. My main point of acceptance of clients is that they are respectful (which i am sure you are!)  and i welcome and enjoy having a diverse clientele. If you are disabled and have specific requests please let me know. I am familiar with and have experience catering to disabled clientele as well as individuals in my personal life and welcome you!  


Book With Me

This is my handy dandy booking form that helps our meeting unveil itself as  smoothly as possible. You are always welcome to email or call me directly, but this is the  smoothest way to ensure we start the process of creating magic together, especially if you have special interests. You do not have to send screening until it seems we will definitely rendezvous, though I always appreciate it! Feel free to fill in as much or as little as you desire. Thank you.

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