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I'm so very pleased (as in filled with pleasure) that you are taking the time to get to know me prior to our meeting. This is the sign of a true gentleman. As we will have countless hours to talk and get to know one another I'm not going to reveal too much but here's a start: My name is Fauna Rosehill. If you would like to know what i desire well, I would love nothing more then to playfully stimulate you in all possible ways while also weaving in a melodic ecstatic escape into inventive desire fulfilled in another dimension of being.

Nymphish, Impish, and definitely mischievous, embracing the libidinous passion and wanton wildness of life and living freely in a iambic way as a protest to the monotony of modern life seems to be my calling. Within this realm- all sorts of magic can occur we we will embark on such an adventure together.
You can find me luxuriating in the bath as much as you will find me in the studio or writing papers. While I love to explore and have fun, I am very focused on my fine arts education  at one of the top. “Ivy League” art schools in the world here in NYC. Outside and within academia, I have been cultivating a career as an interdisciplinary artist who creates multimedia film, performance art, installation, theoretical writings and fashion . With my blue collar midwestern roots- I was raised to value hard work and there is nothing I like better then to run myself ragged working 60 hours a week on a sculpture of essay. Maybe you can relate? 
I could not be more satisfied with the trajectory of my success. I am doing what makes me happy and feel it is my job to create situations of magic for others and to be part of your journey towards doing exactly what makes you feel deeply satisfied. 
Back to the Bathtub….
Your satisfaction and contentment are paramount to me in our time together and yes it is true- i am a hedonist. I can assure you that you will feel, from my laughter, and own sighs of delight that i am there with you throughout the whole experience.
The fluency of the language of pleasure of all kinds aids my studious pursuits into the realms of human sensation- profoundly viewing our time on planet earth to be a space in which we can experience the full spectrum of joy and desire. Influential are my my many teachers who find themselves tucked away in books.
I am an experienced provider and have a truly open mind and I love to explore .
I look forward to meeting you
Fauna Rosehill



  • Flowers: Lilacs, White Roses, Red Carnations, Lilies. I always love a gift of a house plant as well! 

  • Food:  charcuterie boards are my weakness, french, all seafood, southern, polish and Thai. 

  • Wine: Chateau d'Esclans, Whispering Angel Rosé, additionally I love bourbon as well as rum. 

  • Clothing: high end vintage, Saks, Anna Sui, Betsy johnson, local designers.  

  • Sent: Lush's Rose Jam Perfume, but i generally like flower and fruit sents. 

  • Lingerie: Vintage, otherwise Agent Provocateur, and local luxury retailers.

  •  Films:  Solaris, Dasies, Valerie and her week of Wonders, 70's Horror. 

  • Books/ Authors:  Kathy Acker, Bifo Berardi,  Deleue, Octavia Butler, Lisa Carver, Any Magical Realist, Surrealist or otherwise experimental literature and poetry as well as more explosive forms of philosophy. 

Wish List

Gifts I appreciate: Art supplies related to sculpting, fashion design,  pouring resin, books from my book wishlist, giftcards to Blick, Local Herb Shops, Passes to Museums, tickets to the Opera, Symphony, Theater (especially), joanne fabrics and Etsy gift cards. I also love sweets.

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